buss.jpgYou will need a few things to make your grease car test batch of biodiesel. Lets start with 200 ML of methanol.99+%. You can use DriGas antifreeze. Just get it at your automotive store. There are 2 types. Methanol and isopropanol. You want methanol. It will be labeled. For larger supplies which you will eventually need just search the net for racing fuel distributors.

You will need 1 liter of new vegetable oil. The supermarket will have it labeled as cooking oil or some kind of vegetable oil.

lye catalyst — either potassium hydroxide (KOH) or sodium hydroxide (NaOH). Kho is the preferred one to use although they both will work. You should find this at the hardware. For your larger batches look for soap maker suppliers online or in the directory. Keep your lye air- tight. You don’t want any moisture building up inside the lye container. Don’t use drain cleaners that contain lye. Just get Lye.

Have scales accurate to 1 gram or less. You will need a way to process the blend. I used a blender for my first test batch. Have some Measuring beakers. Two will be enough. Get TWO 2 litre plastic bottles for settling. You will need some duct tape and a thermometer.

Get 1- halflitre translucent white HDPE (#2 plastic) container with bung and screw-on cap. Have 2 funnels that fit the HDTP containers.

Makes sure equipment is clean. This is going to be fun making your test batch of biodiesel and soon you will be running your own grease car.

Frederick Carter

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