yelloish-fuel-noback.jpgThe fuel you see after this process will run a grease car. There will be a 24 hour waiting period after we mix this but the final product will be fuel. You will see the color and viscosity to give you a visual of the final product.

Lye absorbs water from the air which will interfere with the chemical process so be swift when measuring your lye. Weigh your lye in a Ziploc plastic bag. Have the bag on the scale and when done roll out the air and zip it tight.

You will be using 3.5 grams of lye. NaOH must be 97% pure. If you use KOH then use 5.5grams for 90% pure and 5.8 grams for 85% pure.

Now we are going to mix the methanol using the safest method possible. Measure out 200 ml of methanol and pour it into the half-litre HDPE container using a funnel. Be a bit swift due to methanol also absorbs water from the air. Cap the container immediately. Carefully add the lye to the HDPE container using the second funnel. Replace the bung and cap it.

What we are doing here is forming sodium methoxide. You will swirl this mixture around for a bit so the lye will dissolve. There will be a bit of heat on the container from the chemical reaction. You will see when all the lye is dissolved. The liquid will be clear. You want all the lye to be dissolved so be patient. With Naoh it can take 30 min. to over nite. Using KOH you will not have a long crystal dissolving rate. 10 minutes probably.

The blender you use will become non workable after doing this four or 5 times so get a cheap second hand one. Make sure the seals are tight.It must be very dry if you just washed it.

Preheat the cooking oil to 130F and pour into the blender. Pour the methoxide into the oil. Lid the blender and run on slow for 25 mins.

Pour the mixture into the 2 litre PET bottle for settling and tighten the lid. The bottle will contract as the mixture cools down so let some air into it after a bit. let it sit to settle for 24 hours. You will see a yellowish liquid after 24 hours and that is grease car fuel.

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