200px-diesel_prices.jpgThe diesel engine could be what the world relies on someday. I’m not saying we will run out of petro. We could or will one day. Petro oil based fuel is going to be priced out of reach to make a normal commute to work non cost effective. I am always writing about alternative fuels and the vehicles that use them such as a grease car, diesel engine, bio diesel, SVO, WVO, etc:. Vegetable oil discarded from a restaurant and used as fuel is regarded as waste vegetable oil (WVO). Straight vegetable oil is (SVO). The diesel engine might just be the engine that does all brute muscle jobs.of the future. There are promising alternative power supplies on the drawing board being tested for implementation but the diesel is here now. Back in the early 1900’s a man by the name of Rudolph Diesel invented an engine that could run on any type of oil or grease. Petroleum oil, peanut oil, canola oil. Not only was his engine versatile, but many of his original prototypes are still in operation today, almost a hundred years later. That’s a diesel for you. This engine will go and go and go. The diesel can easily run half a million miles and truckers talk about a million miles all the time. This will be with the proper maintenance I’m sure. Now not all diesels are the same or made for the same purpose. The engine I’m most interested in will run on bio diesel fuel. This will be the power supply for my grease car.
DeltaHawk Engines, a small Wisconsin company, is developing a family of lightweight, V-4, two-stroke, turbo- and super-charged diesel engines for a variety of general aviation and non-aviation uses. The engines will run on Jet A (JP5) fuel, or #2 diesel where ambient temperatures are high enough to avoid gelling (above 20° F).
This is a major innovation. We are seeing the different uses for this 100+ year invention in all fields. Ive been looking for an answer on running SVO on my small implements such as my chainsaw, mower, weed-whip ETC. All I hear is go electric. I will research this further. This is what is clear to me. I can run my vehicle on WVO and it will cost 1/4 of the price of petro oil based fuel. The engine of today was not designed for running off of WVO. The engine of today is designed for petro based fuel. I can modify the engine to run on WVO, SVO or I can modify the vegetable oil without modifying the engine. The viscosity of vegetable oil must be lowered to allow for proper atomization of fuel, otherwise incomplete combustion and carbon build up will ultimately damage the engine. The least expensive route here is to collect WVO and modify it to run the diesel engine without modifying the engine. There will be up front costs setting up your processing plant. There will aways be a need to replenish your storage supply of WVO and there will be time involved in processing it.

I am changing my bus into a grease car and I am going to use the WVO process and not change the diesel engine. I have the room for the processing plant in the barn and it doesn’t take a lot of room. What I understand is that I can run my bus with WVO for at least another 300,000 miles at around .50 cents, on the high side 1 dollar a gallon. We will see how true that is.

Frederick Carter
Semi retired at 50 yrs old and I’m fascinated with new sources of energy and am always working on new projects. The grease car is one dear to my heart. My school bus conversion is on track.

Frederick Carter

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