school-bus-ebay-22.jpgBio diesel fuels (made from plant or animal fats and some form of alcohol) are used by many localities, to run trucks or buses. But vegetable oil has some legal barriers. Vegetable oil has to be certified by the federal government for use as a motor oil. Certification is required by the Environmental Protection Agency for any engine systems modified to use vegetable oil. To date, no vegetable oil conversion has achieved EPA certification. So when you change your bus into a grease car you are illegally tampering with your emissions system.

Now I don’t think this is going to stop me from buying one of the conversion kits on the market and switching from petro to veggie but the city, county, state metro transportation and utilities will have to deal federal legal barriers and red tape. Thats a big discouragement. When vegetable oil and engine conversion are both certified by the federal government. localities can pursue the changing from petro to grease car. Now here is some news I was suspicious about. According to a Department of Energy There is a study showing that vegetable oil actually reduces the life of engines and can damage catalytic converters and filter traps. Well everything I have studied says just the reverse. Sure you can damage your engine and filter traps if you don’t make the right modifications. When the feds don’t have their hand in the till you will not get a positive response from them. Just my thoughts. I’m always suspicious of the governments surveys.

You will have to decide if a grease car is going against the way of government. I for one support the government on lots of things but their non interest in this subject Makes me move forward on it.

Frederick Carter

Semi retired at 50 yrs old. I’m fascinated with new sources of energy and am always working on new projects. The grease car is one dear to my heart. My school bus conversion is on track.


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