toy-bus-no-back.jpgtoy-bus-no-back.jpgIf you decide that you would like to try to run a grease car, lets see how feasible this project really is. The conversion of the engine will be around 800 to 15,000 depending where you look and what kind of system you choose.  On a large commercial truck it could cost around 3,500 to 4,000 to change over. There will be a fuel tank included in this price. The need for another fuel tank will be that there is a heating element needed inside the tank. This heats up the veggie oil to a temperature that will run through the injection system. Plus it has to be a certain temperature to burn correctly or you wll damage the engine. They will put a filter system on with a series of toggle switches . This will give the grease car owner a choice of which fuels can be used. Diesel or veggie oil.
You go to the corner and buy diesel for 3.00 a gallon or you go to the same corner, hopefully and get some waste cooking oil ( WVO ) from the foodery for free. Now this isn’t always the case. Hopefully you can have a place in the neighborhood to get your WVO but you may also have to travel a ways to pick it up. This cost time and money. If you are lucky enough to have a regular supply of WVO in a area. Then you are almost there. This all has to be processed so you will have to set up your lab. Now this is fairly inexpensive. But you will need a place to do it. The garage is plenty of room.
Now you have to realize that this is not for everybody. Mom is not going to go through all this just to go to the store and back a couple times a week. There are places where you can pull in and gas up or veggie up. But thats not going to happen without a lot of luck. These people are not on every corner or city for that matter. To get involved with selling to the public there would be some state and federal regulations, which will raise the price of the fuel.
There is somewhere between 100 million and 120 million gallons of WVO generated annually. American drivers need 140 billion gallons of fuel each year. So you see one problem there. Not your problem at the moment but a problem if everybody wanted to switch over to WVO. If you throw new vegetable oil in the mix you still have a major scarcity problem. I don’t think this problem will stop the forward progress of diesel engines running on veggie (Grease car). With oil steadily rising there will be a profit to be made on veggie and the fuel will get processed by some enterprising person. Theres still not enough WVO to go around is everybody jumped on the band wagon but its a start to the solution of dependency on fossil fuel. There will be solar power, hydrogen power, air power, water power etc: coming out of the woodwork in the coming years. Its already happening for example the tata car in Europe.

I’m not discouraged from WVO running a grease car. I’m in the process of putting a school bus together to travel the country. It will be on WVO. If there was 100’s of millions of people doing this I would not be doing it. I wouldn’t see the value. The environment might get a shot in the arm which is good but I would be paying the same 3.00 or 4.00 dollars a gallon for fuel. This is the only way I am going to afford a motor home in my lifetime and travel the country.

Frederick Carter

Semi retired at 50 yrs old. I’m fascinated with new sources of energy and am always working on new projects. The grease car is one dear to my heart. My school bus conversion is on track.


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