While looking into the idea of running a vegetable oil diesel engine (grease car) we came across school buses that were being converted into RVs. These buses have diesel engines and would be perfect for using the grease car concept. The buses are usually under 200,000 miles of use which means there will be thousands of miles of grease car experiments left on them.

A grease car can be just about anything with the vegetable oil diesel concept. You just need a bit of know how and there are plenty of sites on-line. This process is called bio diesel and has a few ways of setting up the process which you will read later. We also started moving in another direction. My friend wanted to take the school bus conversion process in another direction. He wants to take the bus up in Alaska and live in it for a year.

Now this creates a few problems as far as heating and being able to be self sufficient. Grease cars run on bio diesel and there wont be any fryer cooking where hes going. So now with a school bus conversion in the making we will be looking into other ways to supply energy.


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