side-of-busnoback.jpgWhen you decide you are going to invest your money into a grease car conversion you wonder when you get your investment back. It could take months or years to get back in black. I should get my investment back within 6 months just because I haven’t hit the road yet in my ( school bus conversion to RV ). Ive had a few stumbling blocks as far as designing the inside.The engine runs great. We did have a fuel pump problem but we were warned of that when we decided to DYI. The viscosity is to high for the pump.

We will be putting 500 miles a week for the first 2 weeks and after that we will put about 200 if that. We are expecting the cost to be around 50 dollars for every 500 miles and that’s on the high side. You will pay a third of the price for your fuel processing your own fuel. Keep in mind there is some work involved and you will have to put a tank or two underneath the bus body. We will have two. We will have a small processing plant built on the bus under the body, on top, or inside. We are working on that. Cant wait to smell the frence fries while traveling down the road.

Hopefully our grease car will be on the road in 3 months. It is a time consuming project but its so much fun.

Frederick Carter

Semi retired at 50 yrs old. I’m fascinated with new sources of energy and am always working on new projects. The grease car is one dear to my heart. My school bus conversion is on track.


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